Bandhu Lakhani Campea Website

Bandhu Lakhani Campea

Bandhu Lakhani Campea (BLC) is an employment and labour law firm located in Oakville, Ontario. The branding needed to incorporate the unity of the 3 partners (who previously ran their own firms), while also conveying trust and confidence in their expertise.

The inspiration for the website was to use a modular layout to break up and separate information. By using the brand’s main colours separate the content, it made the text heavy website a lot less overwhelming for users. In addition, quick links and alternative navigations were placed throughout the pages to make it easier for users to navigate.

The end result was a slickly designed website that was not only unique to BLC, but also stood out from the rest of their competitors. The use of authentic photography humanized the brand, while bringing a sense of trust and confidence.

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